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Kazoo Petco are a pet accessory wholesale company offering a wide array of pet products. Its product range includes pretty much everything for dog, cat, bird, fish, other small animals and reptiles.



Kazoo Petco imports most of its products and strives to provide the best quality products to its retailers and customers. Their whole QC process was manual and paper driven. The management team in Sydney was finding it hard to streamline their QC process as it was all paper trail. Kazoo Petco wanted to keep a track of their supplier performance in terms of quality and meeting shipping deadlines. Kazoo Petco wanted to be able to check and report quality of the products before its even shipped by the supplier. They wanted to be able to generate reports of the performance of the suppliers over a period of time, performance of product quality and other custom reports that would give them insight into quality of the suppliers and products.


What We Did

Webential was engaged to build a cloud-based system with the latest technology. It was also critical that the new system be easy for their QC manager and other QC staff to learn and use. This required analyzing their paper process to understand how their process worked. Next, the whole process what redesigned to incorporate current best practices and look and feel of the application was created. All the wire frames and front end mock up laid the foundation for Kazoo Petco to begin to build its full-featured QC system.

Webential created a responsive user interface that was bi-lingual, easy to navigate and enabled rapid data entry on tablets, laptops and desktops. Our senior architects designed a custom solution that automated the entire process which generated notifications to managers and QC staff to prompt them to take necessary actions within the order life cycle. Reporting and real-time data is displayed in the form of a custom dashboard. The reports are dynamic, provide in-depth analysis and will be easy to audit.

The new QC system saved members time in reporting and increased efficiency on key reporting protocols.


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