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What if we say pay per click is not actually about clicks?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most efficient ways to reach your most qualified audience.

PPC helps you to reach them when they are already looking for the kind of products or services that you offer, which gives you leverage against your competitors.

Let us cry out loud that PPC, at its core, is about developing relationships with the right users at the right time. A professional PPC campaign provides critical audience intelligence and exposes you to your target users.

The easiest way to understand PPC is to think of it as buying user visits to your website by placing an ad on a search engine results page or social media sites.

Growth hacking for your brand


Before starting off on any process, we study your business growth drivers using our Growth Model approach. We set and measure the KPIs that really matter to your brand. Then we unleash killer AdWords campaigns focused on high ROI.

We optimize all brand campaigns and implement data-driven decisions for growing revenues. PPC campaigns can be used to generate high-quality leads and scale up quickly. Our high-caliber research on specific keywords that enable the highest conversions with the lowest investment has been instrumental in our successful PPC management.

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Webential is a top-quality PPC management agency dedicated to developing cost-effective PPC campaigns for your business. While the marketing industry is made vulnerable with over-promised and under-delivered PPC campaigns, our team of PPC specialists guarantees results.

Led by some of the top players in the industry and proven success with numerous high-volume campaigns, Webential pay-per-click management services are much sought after by various clients around the world.

Delivering high-performance Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

  • Targeted Ads

    We have perfected the art of creating compelling ads for pay-per-click advertising. Our ads aim at quickly improving click-through rates (CTR) and can filter out visitors who are not searching for products or services you offer. Our practice of split testing or A/B testing of ads enhances the performance of our ad campaigns.

  • Analytics

    Our PPC approach is founded in analytics. From bidding strategies, dashboarding, automated tools and data visualization, our process stands on insight and optimization from analytics. You also get the benefit of accurate and comprehensive reports that inform the PPC strategy from time to time.

  • PPC for eCommerce

    In the sophisticated space of eCommerce, PPC can do a lot to augment your campaigns. It requires a smart long-term strategy to bring in new customers and keep it ticking. With new product cycles and fierce competition, PPC keeps your brand consistently at the forefront that makes it easy to find when customers want to buy.

  • Keyword Research

    Keywords are the building blocks for your PPC ads. They are crucial in determining how your ads perform, when and where they will be shown and to whom. The PPC management team needs to have a pretty good idea of the goals you're trying to accomplish with your ads and the exact audience you're trying to target.

  • Dynamic Remarketing

    This tactic allows you to target the audience who have already visited your website. It's about displaying your ads to people who are already interested in and familiar with your brand. This dramatically increases the chances of conversion, keeping your brand in the minds of potential customers by retargeting them.

  • PPC for Startups

    A challenge for startups is the time taken to achieve good ranking on search engines and the slow buildup of organic search traffic. Domain age is a critical factor in search engine algorithms. Our PPC strategy allows pushing newbies to the top of search without waiting for the organic SEO to kick in.

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We're experts. We deliver PPC campaigns that deliver meaningful results for your business. Hundreds of clients we’ve worked with vouch for it.

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Why are we your ideal PPC services partner?

We turn your goals into our goals to drive the best results possible for your business. And we’re damn serious about it. We ensure no stone is unturned to make your campaign super successful.

  • Worth Every Penny

    Spending on Google Ads becomes a smart investment through conversion-optimized campaigns. Our proven psychological design and content tactics convert a majority of the clicks into enquiries and sales.

  • PPC Audit

    Our specialized and experienced team conducts PPC audits on your existing ad campaigns to learn how we can improve their performance and strategy. Valuable insights from the audit are poured back into the optimization process.

  • Facebook Ad

    Facebook is a great platform in terms of cost-per-click price which is lower than other paid channels. It's audience targeting options let you reach many potential buyers too. A robust Facebook PPC strategy brings more people to your website.

  • Geofencing

    It targets a specific geographic area serving ads and alerts to only people physically located in that area. Geofencing is most useful when you have an actual storefront for people to visit. It takes advantage of the customer's proximity.

  • Custom Social Media Ad

    Our diversification of online advertising is augmented by bringing PPC into the social media strategy. We leverage the two channels in a complementary way, feeding insights from one to the other, boosting website visits, and driving conversions.


Our industry partners

Our PPC campaigns have the right blend of partners, affiliates and tools to leverage SERP and control PPC costs.

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We support global businesses to drive more leads & convert customers with a localized digital focus.

Benefits of professional PPC services

If you consider hiring professional PPC services or our PPC experts for the projects you have, Webential has the best plans for you.

Delivers fast results

Ads will start to show up for your targeted keywords as soon as you make a bid on that keyword. Your site traffic increases from the first week of the PPC campaign.

Tracks result easily

Tools like A/B tests are often used to track the interaction of users with your ads. You will easily know what elements of your campaign needed to be tweaked for better results.

Hyper-targeted approach

With PPC, your ads can target a specific audience with specific content that is most valuable to them. You could choose keywords that relate strongly to your users.

Easier for conversion

PPC ads give users an easy way to purchase your product. It's because when a user clicks on an ad, it opens up a landing page that entices the user to initiate the buying process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is PPC important for my brand?

It's fast. PPC gives you immediate results in terms of increased site traffic and conversions. It has a highly transparent process of bid placement through which you can easily control ad costs and fine-tune your strategies on the go.

How to find the right PPC agency?

The right professional agency will take a closer look at your existing PPC account and start testing and optimizing it. They will constantly fiddle with keywords pausing and adding them, tweak landing pages, optimize bids, and much more to improve efficiency.

Are you a Google Partner?

Webential is an official Google Premier Partner. It's an official certification awarded to agencies with a proven track record of successfully managing Google AdWords campaigns and passed Google exams. To maintain this status, we are required to maintain a high standard of account management following best practices and superior account performance.

How PPC helps my business?

Through PPC your ads are targeted based on specific keywords thus ensuring immediate and consistent traffic that you would not otherwise receive. The ability to set a budget in advance allows you to have a clear ROI plan and makes it cost-effective.

What are the tools and solutions you use?

We use a mix of custom and third-party tools to ensure that we get the best out of PPC campaigns. We implement cutting-edge technology solutions to monitor and track competitor spend, research and bid on the best performing keywords, achieve maximum ROI, etc.

After starting a PPC campaign, how soon can I expect results?

If done the right way, a PPC campaign results in the instantaneous generation of leads and conversions for your brand. You'll see the positive changes within the first week itself.

What is an ideal budget for a PPC campaign?

PPC budgets are usually based on planned marketing objectives and investment capabilities. There is no ideal budget suggested and the investment varies as the bidding values change for industry-relevant keywords. We will work closely with you to estimate a PPC budget that fits your business needs.

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Our partnership could be just the thing your brand needs.
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