Sydney Plumbing Hot Water And Gas
Handcrafted turn-key solution ranging from concept, web design, development, content creation, site migration, SEO, and to help the client increase website traffic, build customer base and boost leads.

Sydney Plumbing has rendered residential and commercial plumbing in and around Sydney for more than 30 years. Its business consists of licensed and fully insured plumbers, hot water, and room heater specialists who offer quick and affordable local plumbing services. The client is known for its top-notch customer service and 24/7 plumbing services.

After 25 years, Sydney Plumbing desired to evolve its Digital Marketing Strategy to keep up with new ways people seek out hot water and gas heater services online. The client specifically wanted to update their website structure and content, along with technical SEO and on-page optimization.

The main objective behind the project was to boost organic traffic and generate more organic leads that would further magnify conversions.

Sydney Plumbing Hot Water And Gas


  • Lack of a prominent online presence resulted in minimal traffic, fewer visitors, and enquiries.
  • Competitors were outranking the client for the most profitable keywords.
  • To Increase Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) across the website.
  • Client’s businesss i.e. local plumbing service was amongst the most competitive niche industries.
  • Smooth website migration and relaunching of the website while maintaining the traffic, visibility, and revenue.
  • Set up a new SEO-friendly website that could be easily handled and managed by the client.
  • Expand SEO strategy with an emphasis on suburb pages.
  • Improve website load speed performance and conversion rates as compared to the old website.
  • Eliminate redirects and optimize codes for the entire website.

What We Did

Before adopting any strategies or approach, Webential’s first action plan was to study the Australian market, conduct an in-depth analysis of the competitor’s landscape, define the target audience, and devise an impressive go-to-market approach. Our experts divided the project into two phases to operate better.

Phase 1

The first phase was all about boosting the client’s online presence through SEO. Our experts conducted an in-depth SEO audit and assessment of the client’s current website to determine their rankings. Then, they monitored high-traffic keywords to define future strategies. They also built a complete analytics and performance tracking setup so that the client could easily monitor their performance and return on investment (ROI).

Our SEO experts optimised Google My Business for leveraging local SEO. After that, they built a high-quality link profile, authoritative backlinks, and guest posts. Our professionals created a separate store section on the website where the users can directly inquire about hot water and gas heater products. They also conducted detailed data analysis to provide the best recommendations for optimal results.

Our SEO team updated the client’s website with an optimized homepage, several landing pages, and SEO-friendly content along with many Call to Actions (CTAs). They regularly posted informative blogs based on customer enquiries.

Phase 2

The second phase was all about successful migration where our professionals build a new website for the client. Our team took a complete backup of the client's old site, database, and assets. They directed old pages to their new destination so backlinks and visitors don’t get lost. This also enabled search engines to easily determine new destinations of the web pages.

Our experts chose the least traffic time of the day for launching the new website although the site was offline for less than a second. They also installed and configured heat mapping tools that would suggest the exact need of CTA on the website.

Our talented minds also built a hyper-targeted SEO strategy specifically tailored across multiple locations. They also optimised a new landing page design for local service and suburb keyword search. Our team orchestrated the #1 page rank for business and high-volume keywords. The last step was to recognize industry-relevant opportunities to capitalise on peak periods and gain the most return from this SEO campaign.

Key Features

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Migration core PHP to WordPress


  • Data Migration
  • Custom Web Design and
  • Development
  • SEO Ongoing Support and Maintenance
The Result


  • #1 position on Google for a range of hot water and gas heater keywords.
  • 182.10% increase in organic traffic within the first year of implementing the SEO campaign.
  • 141% increase in organic traffic according to the recent data.
  • 223.08% increase in organic conversions.
  • 117.64% increase in overall conversion.
  • Achieved 1st position for service, brand, and suburb keywords within the 2 months of the campaign.
  • Also achieved Google 1st page position for 25+ keywords within 6 months.
  • Seen visible improvement in PA and DA of the website.
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas
sydney plumbing hot water and gas

Our Results

rank on google
Increase In Revenue

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