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Rendering intuitive white label PPC services by utilizing the latest tools & techniques so your clients will be thanking you every month while we stay hidden behind the scenes, working on their Google Ads accounts. Your Confidential Partner, Always!


Your Confidential PPC Partners

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Some of Our Clients

Some of our elite clients whose ideas we have transformed and brought to life.

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Roadmap to Scaling Your Agency Regardless of Niche or Experience

Let’s Work Together

The Webential Difference

As your confidential partners, we help you jumpstart your client’s

  • Result Focused

    Partner with a high-skilled Google Ads and PPC specialist who truly cares about your client’s results.

  • We Don’t Outsource

    While various enterprises try to save by outsourcing to cheap labour that delivers low quality results, we are with you & your client at every step

  • Strict NDAs

    While partnering with us, your clients will never know we exist. We follow strict NDAs and precautions to ensure the optics are such that your company is fulfilling all the PPC requirements.

  • Reliable

    We never keep you wondering. We work as your invisible yet reliable partner just like an extension of your in-house team.

  • Scale Your Business

    We can help you scale up your business and add additional revenue to your bottom-line by rendering years of PPC expertise.

  • Performance Reports

    We believe in maintaining complete transparency. Hence, we show each progress of the campaign to your client along with the most important metrics into a neat white label PPC report.

You focus on your core
competencies while we work for you!

Shake Hands With Your Hidden Partner

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Our Range of White Label PPC Service Offerings

We Work In Silence To Let Results Roar For Your Agency

  • Ad Management

    We have perfected the art of creating compelling ads for PPC advertising. Our ads aim at rapidly increasing click-through rates (CTR). We help enterprises select the right Ad management channel for high conversion rates.

  • Dynamic Remarketing

    This tactic allows your client to target the audience who have already visited their website. This dramatically increases the chances of conversion, keeping their brand in the minds of potential customers by retargeting them.

  • PPC for eCommerce

    With new product cycles and fierce competition, PPC keeps your client’s brand consistently at the forefront while making it easy to find when customers want to buy.

  • PPC Audits

    Our PPC specialists are skilled in spotting your client’s best weapons amongst the arsenal of PPC Platforms, keywords, ad formats, and extensions, etc. We help your clients to conquer the market by boosting the ROI and results they crave for.

  • Native Advertising

    Get started with native advertising to set your client’s brand apart from the competition. Native ads represent the look, feel, and function of a brand’s content, making it more likely that the audience will trust the brand.

  • Facebook / Instagram ads

    Let your clients experience real growth with appealing and engaging Facebook/Instagram ads. We help them hit the right target audience at the right time to gain maximum traffic and conversions.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    Transforming your client’s LinkedIn into a targeted lead generation machine with paid advertising. Our professionals are knowledgeable on all-things LinkedIn advertising. We help your clients to harness LinkedIn’s full potential by targeting decision makers.

  • Twitter Ads

    Be it increasing your client’s followers, escalating their brand awareness, or driving more conversions, our captivating Twitter Ads help them get the most. Our experts utilize the power of Twitter by hitting the best techniques to help them shine.

  • Bing Ads

    Longevity is an endgame! Our experts drive result-oriented Bing Ads Campaign to ensure a high click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR) for your clients. We help them generate impressive leads with Bing PPC Ads.

  • Google Shopping Ads

    Enabling your clients to gain more customers with smart Google Shopping Campaigns. Our experts have in-depth knowledge & experience in running creative yet engaging Ads to drive maximum ROI for your client’s business.

  • Instream / YouTube Ads

    Assisting your clients to reach new audiences with captivating Instream/Youtube Ads. Our professionals use video as a part of digital strategy to promote your client’s brand, boost website clicks, phone calls, or even in-store visits.

Why Choose Our White Label PPC Services

Being a Google Premier Partner, we adhere to render high quality & result-driven services. Rendering a unique formula to keep your clients in front and center of their audience.

  • Solutions Tailored for Businesses

    Want to boost conversions? Need quality leads? No matter what goal your client has, we’ll render the right PPC services being your silent partner.

  • PPC Campaigns with Expertise

    Did we mention we are a certified Google Partner? Rendering managed PPC campaigns for your clients with our certified Google Ads specialists.

  • White Label Branding

    All the PPC reports will be branded under your way so clients will never know we exist. We deliver each white label service with 100% confidentiality.

  • Performance Centric

    Performance? We have got you covered. We drive sales and leads, not just clicks. Spending your client's money or showing how many clicks they got hardly matters. We focus on conversions to elevate your client’s account long term.


Our Technology Partners

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading platforms and companies to render next-level services. Have a glance at our partners:

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Case Studies That Reflect Excellence

Check out our White Label PPC Case Studies to explore our high-quality work and decide for your own!

Skin Matrix

SEM & Web Development Case Study | Skin Matrix

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to Know More About White Label PPC Services?
Go Through Our FAQs Below.

How do you ensure that your white label PPC service is confidential?

Your confidentiality is our top most priority. None of your clients will ever know that your PPC services are delivered by us. Like an invisible partner, all the reports will be branded under your name. We also follow strict NDAs to make sure 100% confidentiality is maintained.

Do you outsource your work?

Many enterprises outsource work at cheap labor to earn a bit more, we don’t outsource work or hire freelancers. Our experts have years of experience and expertise in delivering White Label PPC services. We allocate our experts to put forward their skill set and deliver the best for your clients.

How can your white label PPC services help our agency?

Our white label PPC services can help your agency to enhance client relationships. We help you elevate your client’s online visibility without doing any grueling work that goes behind a successful PPC campaign. You focus on all other important tasks while we do all the work with your branding.

Why choose Webential as my Google Ads Partner?

We simply focus on maximum ROI for your clients. We also render confidential reporting for every process so your clients exactly know about the campaigns, their progress, and much more. Our white label platform enables lightning speed campaign setup and optimization.

Do you directly communicate with our agency’s clients?

No, as your white label partner, we churn all the cogs and render robust PPC services to your clients under your brand name. We work as an invisible extension of your team but never communicate directly with your clients. The client relationship is handled by you.

What platforms can you manage campaigns for?

Our experts are experienced in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and various other platforms. Are your clients looking for a custom campaign across these or any other platforms? Contact us and soon an expert will connect with you to discuss the possibilities.

Do you provide performance reports?

Yes, we do. We create reports as per your client's requirements but under your brand name. These reports generally include all form fills, phone calls, or purchases information from our PPC and Google Ads initiatives.

How much does your PPC white label service cost?

We render affordable pricing plans to manage your client’s accounts every month. We take care of all the PPC management every month, while you take care of the client relationship. As every project has different aspects and some need custom solutions, prices may differ from project to project. However, our pricing starts from $450. For accurate pricing, talk to our experts today.

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