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10 Tips to Hire An SEO Expert For the Job

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10 Tips to Hire an SEO Expert

If you’re business solely depends on website traffic for sales or marketing your services, you need to master SEO (search engine optimisation) or hire an SEO expert. You may have built an excellent website with several multimedia inserts. However, if the website isn’t drawing visitors consistently and converting them into customers, it’s not delivering and can negatively impact the revenue. Here is where you need to hire a dedicated SEO expert- you may hire an employee, an individual consultant, or an SEO Agency.

A Qualified & Experienced SEO Expert is Indispensable

A professionally qualified SEO expert will review your website and then will question you about your business objectives and what type of visitors you want to target; and, accordingly, will plan strategies to improve your search engine rankings and page views.

An SEO expert might provide a simple solution, such as fixing structural issues that don’t allow the search engine bot to crawl and index your content, rewriting your HTML title and description tags, and acquiring quality links from relevant external websites sources.

When you want to hire an SEO expert, you need to look at the following qualities:

1. The Three Vital Branches of SEO

Search engine optimisation is divided into three vital branches:

  •  Technical Aspect:

    The structure of a website can determine how difficult or easy it is for search engine bots to crawl and index your content.
  • On-Page Optimisation:

    It comprises components such as rewriting Meta title and description tags, tweaking the HTML tags, and inserting keywords through additional content or editing existing content to help increase search engine traffic to your site.
  • Off-Page Optimisation:

    Off-page optimisation is also known as link building. This method is used to increase the popularity of your website by promoting it on other relevant and prominent websites on the internet.

Optimising your website for the above three SEO branches improves your website’s ranking on major search engines like Google, increasing traffic and conversions.

2. Knowledge & Overall Understanding of SEO

SEO covers all aspects of digital marketing using web design and development, web analytics, content marketing, product marketing, social media platform, viral marketing, and more. Thus, we shouldn’t disconnect SEO from these other vital practices; if we do, we’ll make short-term decisions that can eventually damage than they help. 

3. SEO Experience is Vital

Anyone can open an SEO Agency overnight and call themselves an SEO consultant or expert. However, that doesn’t prove they know everything about SEO and what they’re doing. Years of professional experience are required to know what works and what doesn’t to deliver tangible (actual) SEO outcomes.

Every website is unique and requires different SEO tactics to deliver. For instance, a new SEO professional will attempt to do the same things on every site, which will only have a limited effect. And an SEO expert having years of experience under the belt can look at any website, analyse it and know what needs to be done for it to attract more search engine traffic.

4. Can Demonstrate SEO Success

You’ll find many articles and blog posts that describe different SEO tactics one can use. However, it’s a different thing altogether to have satisfied clients. If you’re looking to hire an SEO consultant or company, ensure requesting and verify a minimum of two to three current references to know how the SEO consultant or company assisted them to thrive.

5. Marketing Know-How

Once you solve the technical issues of a website, you need to move forward with the content. Ensure your website’s content outlines the benefits to the user and leads them to a sale. It should also draw people’s attention to the other end of a search engine searching for your company’s offerings.

6. Blending With Your Company’s Culture

SEO experts you hire must be able to mingle and blend with your company’s culture. They must interact with various business sections, including marketing, IT, analytics, sales, and service. SEO experts must work seamlessly with the members of these teams. Furthermore, an SEO expert’s personality, frankness, and communication should blend with the organisation, or the advancement will be challenging.

7. Flawless Communication Skills

An SEO must communicate flawlessly with the IT team and the top-level management and get their point across. Because there is no way an SEO expert can do everything themselves, they have to communicate – why a specific change must be made to the website in a language and using words, everyone understands.

8. A Passion for Implementation

SEO experts who take their work seriously and love to get things done efficiently make them ideal consultants. Professional SEOs find ways to work around obstacles and challenges. It means your organisation must enable progress without preventing it, or you’ll harm their spirit and desire to impact the company positively.

9. An Urge to Learn Continually

Some SEOs’ knowledge is exceptional, but it stopped growing at some point in their career because they didn’t have a constant urge to learn. So SEOs must have a fresh and open mind, always ready to learn about new developments in their field and grow.

10. Desirable Final Outcome

SEO is not only concerned with rankings on search engines but more importantly, it aims to convert a prospective visitor on your website into a customer. So any SEO strategy’s primary purpose or intent should be to achieve a goal – for instance, increasing conversions and not just focusing on accomplishing rankings.

Those are the vital qualities you should consider when hiring an SEO expert!

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