Top 7 SEO Trends in 2022: Important Aspects to Get Higher Rankings

7 Top SEO Trends in 2022 and Beyond

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In this techno-clad world, Search Engine Optimization is rapidly evolving. The techniques and strategies that worked 5 or 6 years ago are no longer useful. Thus, SEO professionals need to quickly adapt to how technology, trends, and changing search behavior affect the way Google functions.

Webential renders driving-edge professional SEO services as our experts spend a lot of time testing and experimenting with the Google algorithms to understand what works best. 

Although many SEO trends will emerge in 2022, we have compiled a list of 7 top SEO trends that you need to adapt for changing our entire game of SEO success. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer, or even an SEO nerd, these trends will blow your mind and will give you actionable insights about the latest Google algorithm updates. 

Optimize For Users Instead Of Google

The website optimization must be done keeping the users in mind. One of the best things you can do to rank your website is to make it user-friendly. One of the greatest SEO trends in 2022 shows that each and everything within the Google community and its search revolves around user optimization.

But how do you know what your user needs? Today, there are a lot of tools available in the market to analyze and collect information on what your users are doing on-site, user engagement with content, and what they are searching for. Collecting as much data as possible on user behavior is one of the best ways to accurately enhance the user experience of your web pages.

You need to follow the trial and error process, A/B testing, and further collect data to optimize for your users. The moment you start optimizing your website for users, you won’t stop. There’s no perfect landing page. You need to regularly collect data, implement it, and evaluate it. Though UX experts already know its importance, Google’s constant stream of algorithm shifts shows how user optimization is rapidly becoming an important SEO trend for 2022.

Local SEO To Dominate Your Area

Local businesses can rapidly drive motivated customers to their websites with the help of local SEO. You may miss out on more than 70% of your potential customers if you don’t optimize your business for local search.

Local SEO renders a remarkable opportunity for local businesses with physical stores to optimize their online presence to encourage offline transactions.

  • 72% of users who made a Google search visited the relevant store within 8km of where they made their search. 
  • Also, 28% of searches including local intent will result in a purchase.

Local SEO is changing in 2022. As more and more enterprises understand the value of local search, marketers have to implement result-oriented strategies to get their websites to rank higher.

Another important SEO trend is the adoption of local landing pages. It’s an efficient strategy for service-based enterprises to elevate their visibility in their operating areas.

Mobile Optimized Websites

90% of the global internet population use mobile to go online. 2020 added 900 million new mobile payment app users worldwide, the largest annual increase. If this is not enough for you to understand the importance of mobile optimization then this would definitely blow your mind. 

Google has officially moved to mobile-first indexing to enhance the mobile search experience. Mobile-first indexing simply means that mobile websites will be indexed first. Hence, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it may experience less frequent indexing and no rewards in the search engine results. 

If you want your business to survive online, mobile optimization is the ultimate key. It will not only escalate the user experience, but Google will start to rank your site above the ones who still need to switch.

Constantly Update Your Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is amongst the top SEO trends even today. 4 in 5 customers use search engines to find local information. By 2022, it will become the most popular platform for both consumers and local businesses.

GMB offers tons of benefits such as reaching new customers, increasing overall online visibility, ensuring that customers find information rapidly, and rendering fresh up-to-date news about the enterprise.

The customers are always searching for directions, reviews, contact information, and much more. This is where Google My Business shines out. Working together with Google Maps and Google Search, GMB blends proximity with visibility to leverage customers with businesses for their search queries. 

Google My Business is not a new tool, but regularly optimizing your GMB listing is trending for good.

Voice Search – The Ultimate Trend

Some stats show that 27% of the users are already using voice search on Google. Today a lot of virtual assistants from Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, etc. have already shown the importance of voice search.

Voice searches are unprecedentedly becoming popular on a lot of devices and it has changed the way people search online. Almost 1/3rd of all users are already using Google voice search which is increasing every single day.

With the advancement in voice search, people now have the ease of searching anything without the need of typing. Search queries are becoming more relaxed, and conversational while using long-tail keywords. This simply means that optimizing your content for voice search along with providing answers to the questions and implementing schema mark-up for voice search can be extremely beneficial for your business. 

Video Content To Elevate SEO

Video content is trending these days and it has come to stay. It’s one of the vital SEO trends in 2022. It will contribute to the manner websites rank on Google. Over the past year, people have spent an average of 67 minutes consuming video content every single day. These numbers will only grow in the future. It’s a fact that video content boosts conversion with visitors. Also, it has the ability to drive 5x conversions than the written content.

This year, video content is becoming a more valuable SEO trend. The videos attract and retain visitors to your website. Also, web pages with videos are 53% more likely to be displayed on Google’s first page. This is because users are searching for videos to help them learn more about a service or product.

Although video content is important, ensure that it doesn’t affect the user experience and that the web pages load rapidly. Irrelevant and spammy videos won’t help your website.

Sustainable Link Building Practices

Link building is still the top contributing factor for ranking well on Google. With the evolution of Google’s algorithm, the nature of link building and link acquisition is changing accordingly. Link building in 2022 focuses on building genuinely meaningful connections with the other websites. Sustainable and ethical link building is becoming crucial. 

65% of digital marketers admit that link building is the most difficult aspect of SEO. But it’s an ethical approach that positively affects your brand value. Today, link-building efforts must align with brand-building efforts to deliver more value. You should focus on acquiring high-quality and relevant links to accelerate the visibility and authority of your brand.

Wrapping Up

The truth about search engine optimization is that it’s always evolving and adapting to meet the requirements of Google (search engine giant). With so many factors about SEO, the market and industry render endless ways to learn and strategize to rank higher. 

In this tech-led world, learning about the top SEO trends and adapting them rapidly is important to gain success online. The ultimate key to new SEO trends 2022 is to test, analyze, learn, and implement the one that best works for your website. If you want to know what wonders SEO can do for your business, simply get in touch with Webential for professional SEO services.

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