How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users
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How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users

Rohit Avasthi
Rohit Avasthi
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Mobile-friendly WordPress Website

In 2021, the number of mobile users worldwide stood at 7.1 billion, with forecasts suggesting this is likely to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022. Thus, very soon mobile devices will replace other mediums while interacting with digital platforms. Do you need to hire a WordPress Developer to build a mobile-friendly website? Does an unresponsive mobile site affect your business? We truly understand that you don’t need a website that brings you fewer conversions and profits. 

8 Stunning Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users

Test Your Website With Online Tools

Before taking any action, it is better to check and test your websites for mobile devices. One of the traditional ways is to check your website on various devices. A simple way is to access the website and monitor its page loading speed. You also need to check if the design of your website perfectly fits on the smaller screen. After that, you can use dedicated testing tools for checking your website. Some of the free tools available in the market are Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, Page Speed Insights, Pingdom, BrowserStack, MobiReady.

Responsive WordPress Theme

There are various confusing options available in the market. But, what will work for your website and its success? Which is the best way to choose a content layout for your WordPress Website? You can simply do so by focusing on the design, content, target audience, SEO strategies, and marketing of your website. Choose engaging, interactive, and alluring themes for your website to attract more users.

Go For A Reliable Web Host

Selecting a reliable and outstanding web host for your WordPress website is an important decision. If you choose a web host that doesn’t render speed and resources, then selecting such a web host is just a waste of time, money, and effort. 

The performance of your WordPress website depends on the web host. Selecting a web host is a crucial decision but go for the one that offers higher performance, consistency, and minimal downtime. Choose a dedicated web hosting that reserves your server for the website while increasing its security and speed.

Elevate Your Website Loading Time

In this mobile-first world, website load speed is very important. Here’s why

  • 1 in 4 visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • 46% of users don’t revisit a poorly performing website
  • 1 second delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16%

Think of the website speed as a sliding scale. The faster the website, the more the benefits. For instance, pages that load within 2 sec have an average bounce rate of 9% whereas the ones that take 5 sec to load experience an average bounce rate of 38%.

The BBC loses an additional 10% of users for every extra second it takes for its site to load. And when Yahoo! reduced its page load time by just 0.4 seconds, traffic increased by 9%.

Optimizing the website helps in reducing bounce rate and enhancing user interaction with the platform. Also, Google introduced the Speed update, which made website speed a vital factor for mobile pages. Below are some of the ways to improve your website speed.

  • Use catching in the website that helps to easily access the website. Many catching plugins are available for this in the market.
  • Implement a Content Delivery Network. It allows you to generate copies of various server speeds all around the world.
  • Compress image size and large-file size to minimize page loading speed.
  • Use minimum code for high efficiency.
  • Regularly update your website to enhance security and avoid any other vulnerabilities.

Craft Unique Design for Pop-Ups

Doing similar things like your competitors will let you be in the market, but you can ace your niche. You need to do something different, something unique in order to grab the user’s attention. Crafting alluring, eye-catching designs for Pop-Ups can easily help you gain more users and eventually more customers. Here’s how:

  • Craft non-obstructive designs. They must cover a smaller portion of the screen. Pop ups covering a larger portion of the screen can be annoying.
  • Also, choose easy to close pop-ups. Users should get access to the close button very easily. The close button should be of the suitable size.
  • You should not apply such pop ups to login dialogs or verification forms to display important information.

Build A Website SEO-Friendly

Building a user-friendly website has become a very important aspect in today’s world. Build a website that users can easily navigate through the entire website. Ensure that the online search engines crawlers can simply find your website and navigate. There are various plugins and themes available in the market that can help you in enhancing the SEO of your WordPress website. Prefer one color scheme while making good use of white space. Regularly test and monitor your website performance whenever required. 

Use Themes And Plugins

WordPress has a huge plethora of free as well as paid plugins and themes that can help you support the latest features in your website. We need to spend time and effort to integrate the best plugins in your platform ensuring you render the best experience to your customers. 

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Monitor and Track Progress

Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to be at the top of the market. Continuous monitoring and regular reporting allow you to identify the loopholes and wrap them off while delivering pleasing user experiences. It is equally essential to track your progress to know which strategies are working for your business. A robust WordPress development agency can help you transform the website of your imagination into reality.

Final Thoughts

As mobile users are increasing day by day, it’s essential to bring and offer the best to your customers. It’s necessary to craft a mobile-friendly website as a huge amount of website visitors and users are accessing your website through mobiles. It’s time to focus on all the crucial factors that affect the experience of your mobile users. Most importantly, focus on WordPress Website Design, its readability, user-friendliness, and functionality on small screen mobiles. Talk to Experts who can shower light and help you out in optimizing your WordPress Website for Mobile Users.

Rohit Avasthi

Rohit Avasthi

Rohit is a qualified and dedicated Project Manager who has in-depth expertise in building astounding web apps and platforms as well as leading projects that have meaningful impact tot the company and clients

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