• Industry

    Home Improvement Business

  • Technology

    WordPress, WooCommerce

  • Deliverables

    Web Design,

    Development, eStore,

    SEO, SEM

Rendered a personalised solution to the client ranging from alluring website design, WordPress website, content creation, strategic SEO, and SEM services to help the client build a powerful online presence, amplify their website traffic, build a strong customer base and boost leads.

DecoGlaze has been one of Australia's Leading Glass Splashback providers since 1998. The client renders robust services related to Home Improvement. They render a full spectrum of services to Kitchen Companies, Joiners, Carpenters, Commercial and Retail customers. The client has been a top-notch leader in the Glass Splashback industry and renders the highest quality products along with a total commitment to customer service. They cover all the postcodes in the Greater Sydney Area and have wide spreaded their services to the ACT, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Central Coast, Central West, and Central Victoria.

Decoglaze Case Study Product


  • The client’s existing website was traditional, outdated, and failed to navigate the right products to their customers.
  • There were no proper CTAs on the website and it looked like an informative website.
  • Redesign an intuitive, user-friendly, and eye-pleasing website for a more functional approach.
  • Redevelop the website and draft content for an SEO-friendly approach.
  • Build an online store on the website to help the client sell their products easily.
  • Poor online presence resulted in minimal traffic, fewer visitors, and fewer inquiries.
  • Optimize codes for the entire website while eradicating redirects.
  • Enhance website load speed performance and conversion rates.
  • Lack of trust-building factor on the website for first-time users.
  • The company’s brand value was not clearly visible.

What We Did

The client’s main goal was to completely transform the look and feel of their existing website while building a strong online presence. They wanted a user-friendly yet intuitive website to attract more users. Their previous service provider didn’t have the in-depth expertise in delivering SEO services. Moreover, they also provided delayed services. The client approached Webential for an outstanding solution that would solve all their challenges in one go and enable them to rank above their competitors. The creative minds at Webential rendered the client with an alluring and eye-pleasing website design, development, an online store, SEO, and SEM services to boost their website performance. Our professionals rendered a personalized solution for them to be able to clearly communicate their unique value proposition and to really sell through their website.

Alluring Website Redesign & Redevelopment

After understanding the client’s main goal, our designers started crafting a unique UI/UX strategy to render them the latest design that would attract more users and encourage them to stay more on the website. As one of the main goals of the client was to create a more engaging user experience, our designers planned interactive features that would not only engage and educate the visitors but also help them find the right information and product as per their requirements. Our experts jumped into wireframe audits, assessed them, and delivered outstanding new designs for their website. They had the challenge of not only building a visually pleasing design but also making sure that it worked for every foreseen situation.

Our expert developers then redeveloped the entire website on WordPress. WordPress offers a variety of options to quickly add content, new sections, images, etc. on the website as per the preference and needs of the client. They exactly wanted a website which could be easily managed by them. Our developers also built customized features where the users can change the colour of the splashbacks on the website to decide what suits best for their kitchen. Our specialists also integrated InfusionSoft (CRM) for the client to help them easily manage their marketing automation. Not only this, they also developed an online store on WooCommerce where the users can simply buy their desired products.

SEO & Strategy

Our SEO experts conducted an in-depth analysis and concluded that the client’s existing website had poor online visibility which resulted in a significant drop in the rankings. The main goal of the client was to build a powerful online presence and bring more visitors to the website while engaging them to stay more on the website. They crafted a unique SEO strategy for DecoGlaze.Our SEO team conducted a detailed SEO audit and assessment to identify their current website’s performance and rankings. They also conducted competitor analysis and monitored high-volume & high-traffic keywords. Our expert team built a high-quality link profile, authoritative backlinks, and guest posts after optimizing Google My Business for local SEO. Our SEO experts updated the client’s website with an optimized homepage, several landing pages, content creation, and engaging Call to Actions (CTAs).

Google Ads

Our SEM specialists implemented strategic campaigns to the target audiences from specific locations. They conducted extensive keyword research to target the right keywords for the business. They created relevant ads to reach out maximum customers by spending less money with less cpc. Our experts also tracked conversions including leads and phone calls. They optimized the campaign budget, ad copies and crafted specific landing pages for the Paid Campaign.

Facebook Ads

The main goal of the Facebook Ad Campaign was to generate leads from landing pages, target maximum customers by spending less amount, and generate relevant ads for different groups of audiences. Our paid ad specialist correctly implemented the campaign structure i.e. lead form campaign, instant experience campaigns, remarketing campaigns, etc. Just like Google Ads, they tracked conversions, optimized ad copy and campaign budget, created specific landing pages, etc.

Content Creation

Our expert content team hand-crafted SEO-friendly content with high-ranking keywords to amplify the SEO strategy of DecoGlaze. After conducting extensive research on the target audience, they drafted alluring content for the entire website in a way that encouraged users to explore more services and products. They also added attractive CTAs and blogs to the website. Our content experts created well-chosen content that toed the line between traffic value and ranking difficulty. Our content writers also added FAQs to help customers gain correct information about their service offerings.

Key Features

  • WordPress Website
  • Website redesign
  • Content Creation
  • WooCommerce Store
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • InfuSoft Integration


  • Visually Appealing Web Redesign & Redevelopment
  • SEO optimised content on each page
  • SEO to boost online presence
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
The Result


Our team of professionals rendered a personalized website redesign and redevelopment solution to the client while assisting them to accelerate their online presence. Our experts traveled that extra mile to leverage everything that the client needed to boost their presence, increase users, and magnify conversions. Our deliverables went beyond the client’s expectations and truly served the purpose. Have a look at the incredible results of our solution and strategies:

SEO Results
  • 34% increase in Organic Traffic.
  • 26% increase in Organic Book Free Measure conversion.
  • 117% increase in Local (GMB) Traffic.
  • 59% increase in organic traffic (Last 6 months, compared to previous period)
  • 25% increase in Organic Revenue.
  • 45% increase in Book Free Measure conversion.
  • 11% increase in Phone calls.
  • #1 Rankings on Google for several keywords.
Seo Organic Traffic Seo Organic Traffic Seo Organic Traffic Seo Organic Traffic Seo Organic Traffic
Seo Keywords Seo Keywords Seo Keywords Seo Keywords Seo Keywords
Google Ads Result
  • 61.38% increase in impressions.
  • 88.67% increase in the CTR.
  • 21.85% increase in the leads.
  • 42.91% increase in phone calls.
Facebook Ads Result
  • 214.64% increase in the users.
  • 240.39% increase in the new users.
  • 234.43% increase in the leads.
Facebook ad

Our Results

Rank On Google
increase in organic traffic
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