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My Car Choice underwent a complete digital transformation by trusting Webential’s design, development and digital marketing services. The client not only experienced a peak in their online rankings but also more traffic and conversions.

The client has been in the motor industry for more than 15 years. The client's business is all about delivering high expertise in car-buying experience while rendering excellent customer service. They offer personalized service to each of their customers giving them choice, value, and convenience in their entire car-buying experience. They offer a range of top car brands and every detail regarding the car that a customer might be concerned about.

MyCar Choice


  • Build a customized and user-friendly website along with a custom search engine.
  • Incorporate smooth 3rd party integration in the website.
  • Conceptualize and design the entire website for a SEO-friendly approach.
  • Build a functionality where the visitors can use the filtration for searching cars according to their preferences and
  • Poor online presence resulted in minimal traffic, less visitors, and fewer inquiries.
  • To escalate the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) across the website.
  • Ensure smooth migration and relaunch without affecting the traffic, visibility, or revenue.
  • Eradicate redirects and optimize codes for the entire website.
  • Improve website load speed performance and conversion rates as compared to the old website.

What We Did

The client’s main goal was to make the process of buying a car as simple as possible and thus approached Webential to build a fully optimized and user-friendly website. They also wanted a powerful online presence for their website. Before deciding the strategy, our experts conducted a completed audit of the client’s existing website to understand their SEO history. Our professionals created a custom solution for them to be able to clearly communicate their unique value proposition and to really sell through their website.

Web Design and Development

Our design experts conceptualized, designed, and developed a new user-friendly website for the client. Our developers built a full optimized website with various filtration functionality where the visitors can easily find the car as per their preferences. The filter functionality offers various options like car brand or model, prices (minimum or maximum price), weekly cost (budget), color, fuel type, odometer, seat, and transmission to filter preferences. They also built a custom search engine within the website to allow users to easily find cars.

Our experts also customized the website where the users can sell their car in the simplest manner while offering the best prices. They can also get their car inspected and receive information about the current value of their car.

1. 3rd Party Integration

Our experts have also integrated 3rd party websites like easyCar and Redbook to keep the client's website updated with the latest information. They update data from easyCar on an everyday basis and once or twice a month from Redbook. Our professionals have also worked to provide various trustworthy reports like Car History Report (through API) and Red Book Inspection Report that are beneficial to the users before buying a car.

2. Site Migration

Our developers did a splendid job at migrating the data to the new website. They took a complete backup of the client's old site, database, and assets. They also directed old pages to their new destination so backlinks and users don’t get lost. This enabled search engines to easily determine new destinations of the web pages. Our experts chose the least traffic time of the day for launching the new website although the site was offline for less than a second.

SEO to enhance Client’s Online Presence

After conducting a complete audit of the client’s existing website, our SEO experts concluded that the client’s website had poor online visibility and was experiencing a significant drop in the rankings. This site’s rankings were greatly affected due to thin and duplicate pages with little-to-no content as well as a high bounce rate. Our SEO team defined a driving edge strategy to enable high rankings.

1. Content Strategy for Landing Pages and Blog Posts

Our experts built landing pages and blog posts that strategically created topical depth around car buying content, demonstrating the site’s authoritativeness over keyword searches in this domain. Our content writer wrote SEO-friendly content across the site and have also written FAQs for important pages. The significant content improvements enabled the website to start ranking for a variety of high-value keywords.

2. Technical SEO and On-Page Optimization

One of the hindrances in launching a huge site with a small backlink profile is concentrating link equity onto pages that matter most. Webential became more strategic with My Car Choice’s site structure by using the header to wisely route PageRank to the landing pages that were actually capable of ranking well on Google. Our strategists also added “no index, no follow” tags across various pages. The fully functional and optimized website started performing well on various search engines.

3. Growing Site Authority and Link Building

Our professionals conducted a comprehensive audit of My Car Choice’s backlink profile to identify and remove spammy backlinks. They also executed a high-scale outreach campaign to improve the quality of the website's backlink profile. Over the course of the first 6 months of the campaign, our SEO experts secured over 150 relevant backlinks in relevant editorial content to significantly boost the website’s domain authority.

4. Facebook Ads

Our specialists launched Facebook Paid Campaign and creative ads were run on facebook for around 6 months to gain more leads. Instant experience campaigns also contributed to getting more leads and eventually more conversions. Our experts also prepared car catalogues and targeted them to the right audiences.

Key Features

  • Custom website design & development
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Facebook Ad Campaign


  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • Custom search engine
  • SEO optimised content on each page
  • SEO to boost online presence
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
The Result


Our team of professionals rendered a turn-key solution for ‘My Car Choice’ while assisting them magnify their online presence. From concepts, to design, to development, and SEO, our experts leveraged everything that the client needed to boost their presence. Have a look at the following results:

  • 139% increase in organic traffic as compared to previous year
  • 34.5% increase in organic traffic within the last 30 days.
  • 17% increase in local organic traffic within the last 30 days.
  • 20+ keywords ranking on Google first page.
  • 30% improvement in the overall conversion rate.
  • Secured 100+ relevant backlinks in relevant editorial content within the first 5 months.
  • Secured top positions on Google for various car-buying related keywords.
MyCar Choice
MyCar Choice
MyCar Choice
MyCar Choice
MyCar Choice
MyCar Choice

Our Results

Top Rankings on Google
for various keywords
increase in organic traffic

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