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Rendered a highly-skilled & experienced dedicated team to Turbo Scaffolding. Our resources provided a turn-key B2B & B2C solution to the client which helped them increase traffic by 96%, conversions by 166%, and revenue by 85%.

Turbo Scaffolding is an importer and distributor of different types of Scaffolding products having warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. They have more than 300 different types of products which they sell to different industries across Australia. They mainly supply to construction companies, the mining industry, tradesmen and shipping yards.

Turbo Scaffolding


The client wanted a one stop solution that would help their business reach new heights while out-reaching their competitors. They wanted a perfect solution that would deliver results for long-time. But they faced a few challenges:

Lack of Skilled Resources

The client wanted a complete digital transformation for their enterprise. From conceptualization to design, development, online store, apps, and digital marketing, they needed everything. They were unable to find skilled resources who could meet their expectations.

High Employment Costs

Finding and recruiting highly-skilled employees for all the requirements was exceeding the client’s budget. And skilled resources were not available at lower cost. Moreover, the cost of infrastructure and hardware systems was also increasing.

Proficiency & Reliability

As the project had various modules and features, the client was in need of proficient and reliable dedicated resources that would solely work for their project while delivering results in tight deadlines.

Long-Term Relationship

As the client required a turn-key solution that had various challenging tasks, complex features across different platforms, they wanted resources who could work for their project without quitting in between. They desired for a long-term relationship.


What We Did

Visually Appealing Web Design

The client wanted a visually appealing web design where the users would like to stay and explore more products and services they offer. Their main goal was to build an attractive and user-friendly website where users can easily navigate. We rendered dedicated designers who exactly designed the website as per client’s expectation. They kept the colors aligned with Turbo Scaffolding’s palette, thus maintaining positive brand perception with a bright, colorful interface.

Intuitive Website Development

Webential rendered an entire team of dedicated resources to the client to offer a driving-edge solution. Our dedicated developers built an intuitive yet user-friendly website that enabled the user to easily navigate throughout the website. The website was developed in such a manner that users could easily source and buy steel scaffolding across Australia.

A lot of product categories as well as sub-categories were clearly enlisted to help users find products of the exact size, weight, and dimensions they require. Our dedicated developers also developed a quick enquiry form consisting of the project details, customer’s name, phone number, mail id, suburb, country, and much more.

The client also provided scaffolding finance and insurance services to the customer for their business needs. Hence our developers also crafted a finance enquiry form consisting of name, contact details, finance amount, etc.

Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding
Online Store

Our dedicated developers also built an online store on WooCommerce where the customers can directly purchase their preferred products. The customers can also get a Price Match for any product. They just need to fill a form (that pops up after clicking the price match option) with their name, email id, competitor’s price, competitor’s link, etc. The client offers free delivery across Australia. The payment gateway was kept very secure and easy-to-use.

3rd Party Integration

Our developers also integrated a 3rd party website for a simple and easier payment option. The customers could place an order by using PayPal as well. Credit payment method was also enabled where the user could buy using Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

ERP System

Turbo Scaffolding was extremely satisfied with the solution provided by our dedicated developers and thus they approached Webential to render a cloud based solution to their business. They needed a robust ERP System that could manage everything in one place. We rendered dedicated skilled resources who could work as per client’s requirements.

They initially analysed every aspect to build a customised, secure and easy-to-use system. A wireframe was built and flow of the system was presented to the client and only after approval, our dedicated resources built the system which was completed in 3 different phases while putting down milestones. We also rendered a dedicated project manager who along with a senior developer successfully implemented the entire system along with necessary training and documentation. The custom built ERP system has also been integrated with Xero cloud based accounting application.

This ERP system helped the client manage local incoming stock, imported incoming stock, outgoing stock, inventories, purchases, sales, invoice, orders, enquiries, cards file, website orders, and much more. It also consists of more than 20 types of reports. A custom search option was also built within the system. An in-system messaging functionality was also built for smoother communication.

By implementing this system, Turbo Scaffolding has a complete paperless process in place and they can provide quotes and stock levels in real time.

iPad App

Our dedicated developers also built an iPAd App for the client. Here all the details about New Jobs, Job In Process, Over Night, Completed Dockets, Purchases, etc was included. The user would also get various notifications as well. The App was a mini conversion of the ERP System where all the important features like stock and docket details were included.

The main focus of the App was laid upon Packing, Dispatch, and Docket Tracking where details such as truck driver name, Truck No, Job No. were included. A feature of Digital Signature was also included. The user can also add a photo of the truck at the time of dispatch. This app is also integrated with the ERP System.

Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding
SEO Strategy & Content

Our SEO experts conducted in-depth analysis and crafted a driving-edge SEO strategy for Turbo Scaffolding. The main goal was to maximize revenue out of the SEO strategy. Our resources monitored high-volume and high-traffic keywords. Our experts also built high-quality link profiles, authoritative backlinks, and guest posts(free and paid) after optimizing Google My Business for all their locations. Our SEO experts updated the client’s website with an optimized homepage, several landing pages, and Call to Actions (CTAs).

Our content writers crafted SEO-friendly content for the entire website including on-site content optimization, product descriptions, web page content, blogs, and much more.

Google Ads

Our experts rebuilt the client’s AdWords account from the ground up, splitting it into meaningful campaigns that targeted 4 different locations. Our experts built Ad Groups within each campaign and crafted ads for targeting audiences. Thus, Ad engagement began increasing, which lowered the cost-per-click for the client’s Ads.

On-going support

The client has been so impressed with the services and solutions of our dedicated resources that they approached us for a dedicated support team to maintain the system and new updates that are necessary for the company's future growth. Our dedicated support team still supports them in all their activities and requirements in the present day.

Key Features

  • Web Design
  • WordPress website
  • 3 Party Integrations
  • SEO, PPC
  • Support


  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • Customized ERP System
  • Online Store
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
The Result


The client was extremely happy and satisfied with all the solutions provided by our dedicated resources. Be it web design or development or customized ERP system or iPad App or Digital Marketing, our dedicated team worked beyond their expectations to deliver excellence. Here are highlights of some amazing results from:

SEO Results
  • 94% increase in organic traffic.
  • 76% increase in the Kwikstage Scaffolding conversions.
  • 166% increase in the shipping Quote conversions.
  • 85% increase in revenue.
  • 96% increase in the local traffic.
  • #1 Position on Google for various Keywords.
  • #1 position on Google in Local Pack Listing.
  • 92% increase in the sessions, 154% increase in the goals.
Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding
Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding Turbo Scaffolding
PPC Results
  • 151% increase in all the conversions.
  • 13% decrease in the total cost.
  • 127% increase in phone calls.
  • 76% increase in the conversation rate.
  • 39% improvement in the cost/conversion.
Yearly Paid Campaign
Turbo Scaffolding
Turbo Scaffolding

Our Results

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase In Conversion Rate

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