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Pay Per Click campaign, Google Adwords, PPC marketing. What do these mean and why?

When you’re looking for more sales and revenue, PPC campaigns are the ones you need to turn to because they are extremely productive. Boosting your campaign by hiring an Adwords PPC expert manager or a PPC specialist might be just what you need to take your digital advertising to the next level.

Our team of PPC specialists and Google Adwords experts breathe social media and sleep on digital platforms. Yeah, you heard that right!

While SEO is the best way to rank top in the SERPs, it takes time. That’s where our Google Adwords specialists and PPC campaign managers take control.

Powered by smart digital strategies and latest industry trends, our Google Adwords experts are committed to getting the desired result.


Revamp Your Online Marketing - Hire PPC Specialist


Time-consuming keyword research, slow tracking and data analysis lag, poorly-performing campaigns, spending on the wrong target market, ineffective ads – all these erode your time and money with losing customers.

Great online campaigns happen when you hire Google Adwords experts, PPC specialists and PPC campaign managers who approach your brand with fierce customer-centricity, deliver results and generate ROI.

Our Hiring Models

We Offer You With

No tedious recruitment process or assessment expenses. It’s unbelievably easy to hire PPC and Google Adwords experts from us. Select a hiring model and with a click, we will get in touch with you.

$3,500 per month
$3,000 per month
  • Hire a PPC campaign manager full-time for your projects
  • Hours: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Billing: Monthly
$2,000 per month
$1,500 per month
  • Hire Adwords PPC experts part-time for your PPC campaigns
  • Hours: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Billing: Monthly

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A PPC expert must be able to come up with a bold strategy, positive thoughts, and skillful technical expertise. We are here to deliver you so.

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Hire PPC experts

Why Hire PPC Experts From Us

Our PPC specialists work diligently on your campaigns to strategically optimize your SERP ranking and user engagement. We analyze your objectives and implement strategies to improve traffic performance and ROI. When you hire Google Adwords experts, they are like Cupid, the search engine falls in love with your brand.

  • Certified PPC Experts

    Our PPC management experts establish their credibility through industry-leading certifications and regular upskilling.

  • Analytics Driven

    No writings on water or assumptions when you hire Adwords experts. Any PPC campaign strategy is developed following exhaustive data analysis.

  • Abundant Experience

    Our PPC experts sharpen their skills by creative thinking and delivering results continuously over time. You hire Google Adword experts who are dependable.

  • Meticulous Reporting

    You hire PPC management experts and Google Adwords specialists who provide you with detailed analytics and reports on a regular frequency.

  • Full-spectrum Solutions

    No matter what your business domain and requirements, our PPC experts help you implement a comprehensive PPC campaign strategy with defined objectives.

  • Custom Plans

    Our PPC experts are the best in designing PPC campaign strategies that are customizable to fit into your dynamic business needs and goals.

  • Scalable Process

    When you hire PPC management experts, the scalability of your PPC campaign and strategy is taken care of along with improved ROI and business growth.

  • Affordable Excellence

    Our highly-affordable PPC experts deliver top-notch, leading-edge PPC campaigns to set your business on a growth trajectory.


We Have Loads Of Fun While Working On Our PPC Strategies, Seriously.

Our comprehensive Social Media and PPC services focus on gaining visibility and qualified traffic - what your business needs the most.

Ad Management

Our PPC campaign manager oversees your entire PPC ad strategy and management including Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media advertising and display networks.


Conversion rates increase with more users within remarketing campaigns. It reinforces your brand and messaging those users who see your ads around.

PPC Audit

Getting behind in page ranking and Google penalties could blow up your growth plans. Our PPC experts help improve the performance of the ads by conducting PPC audits.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – we help you choose the right social media platform and strategize PPC campaigns accordingly.

Native Advertising

The quiet and powerful paid ads matching the look and feel of the media format in which they appear are one of our favorites.

Video Advertising

Video ads on YouTube have gained so much popularity that it has become a crucial part of our PPC services. Enhance your sales and global reach through video advertising.

Looking for a competitive edge for your business?

PPC specialists with great ideas and tactics are one of the major edge holders of a business. Recruiting the right ones is necessary.

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The Tools And Platforms We Use For Creating Effective PPC And
Social Media Campaigns

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Our Hiring Process

Relationship-driven. Collaborative mindset. Hypergrowth.


We listen to you. Your concerns, requirements and challenges are listened to objectively. Every minute detail of your requirements is captured.


We look in-depth to locate the right PPC and Social Media expertise matching with the skillset you’re looking for within our talent pool.


We shortlist the best candidates and share their resumes with you so that your preferences are taken care of and the recruitment is successful.


Once the recruitment process is completed, the selected candidates undergo training for a smooth transition into your environment.


We conduct an objective evaluation of all processes to ensure your online marketing efforts are progressing in the right direction with expected results.

We will email you to schedule a call.

Improve visibility. Enhance reputation. Generate relevant traffic. Hire PPC experts in a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Go Through Our FAQs Below.

How does PPC marketing impact my business?

With Google Adwords specialists and PPC campaign managers strategizing your campaigns, PPC drives massive traffic to your website and increases conversion. It allows your ads to be shown to a highly-targeted audience and is effective in shopping and search networks.

How to hire an Adwords expert and how do I benefit?

Managing effective PPC campaigns is a task that requires many skills. To hire an Adwords expert, you just need to click on the “hire” button. It’s as easy as that. The Google Adwords specialist analyzes performance data and focuses on the areas of improvement to make your campaign a success.

Will I get a dedicated project manager if I choose to work with you?

If it is your requirement, you will definitely have a dedicated project manager. However, we will stay in touch with you throughout the committed time period. We can even look at a temporary project manager if the need arises and as per the project requirement.

What are the project management tools used by your PPC management experts?

To hire a PPC management expert means the resource has experience working with BaseCamp, Trello, Jira, WorkFront and many more. Our PPC experts use project management tools like ProofHub and TeamWork. However, we are glad to use any relevant tool that your team is comfortable with.

How do you manage time-zone differences?

We do have local support depending on the client’s time zones. You might be charged depending on what time zone you are in. We do support time zones for North America, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand.

How is Webential different from other agencies?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, hundreds of clients and the expertise built over the years, our PPC specialists have always delivered results and exceeded client expectations. We are accountable for every resource, responsible for every project and take ownership of what we do.

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