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“It’s a significant strategy to use outside personnel temporarily to augment the capacity of an organization.”

Webential offers staff augmentation services to any business looking to build software capabilities, product development and digital services. We have a large pool of diversely skilled technology professionals to augment your in-house capabilities without any liabilities.

The ways of communicating and conduction business is ever-evolving and has always moved towards a technology-driven future. This pushes us to deliver digital solutions quickly and keep up with the demand.

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We have especially proficient brilliant technology experts to enhance your eCommerce website.

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The best tech-experts who are hardworking and brilliant. Your business is to reach the peak with our team’s expertise. They envision what you have dreamt of and work to provide the outcome. Our technology experts are scrupulous and specially trained. We put effort to make your business evolve and boost.

  • Staffing Services

    Dedicated, on-demand resources are utilized with a wide spectrum of technology skills. Engagements can be both short-term and long-term.

  • Hybrid Services

    It’s based on a custom delivery model where the staffing is tailored for the client requirements – project or task or time-based.

  • Shared Services

    These are based on projects and will follow a time or fixed-cost model. It offers the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down the numbers.

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Why should you partner with us?

A lot of passion, strong values and transparency go into our efforts while creating an impact on a global scale. Sustainable delivery models have powered our holistic growth in recent years.

Our teams are motivated to tackle industry challenges with emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT. The real challenge is to use these in a secure and sustainable way at the right speed and scale.

  • Functional expertise

    We have resources with strong domain knowledge across the technology spectrum. Pick any technology, we have the skilled resources readily available.

  • Experienced professionals

    The average experience of our resources is 9 years across various technologies with off-shore, on-site and global deployment capabilities.

  • Quality delivery

    Our resources have a proven track record of delivery with end clients and staffing firms. Being highly qualified and certified, they get projects to the finish line.

  • Cost efficiency

    With our transparent cost structure, you don’t have to worry about facilities or administrative and organizational expenses.

  • Client-centric

    Our client-centric engagement model with dedicated teams helps you ramp up your capabilities to meet your business objectives.


Leverage out of our staff augmentation services

Increased Capacity

More resources to fulfill a temporary spike in work, new projects, increased customer demand, seasonal business, etc.

Bridge To Hire

As a bridge to provide capacity while you hire a permanent team for a new location or new line of business.

Specialized Skills

For specialized skills that are required for a period of time during new facilities setup, product design, technology setup, etc.


Building a team using flexible resources to gain a competitive advantage to increase speed to market and be more agile.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need staff augmentation?

The process of staff augmentation allows your business to hire dedicated hard-working staff. You need to get the right team to grow your business. You can find the best talents through staff augmentation.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a process that employs remote professionals who are skilled to compete and complete your work as a team.

How does the staff augmentation process work?

It is an outsourcing procedure to hire expert workers. The process includes evaluation of existing staff and assessing which additional qualities does the business need to keep on growing. Based on the wanted qualities you can hire staff to enhance your eCommerce.

How can I know if my eCommerce needs staff augmentation?

You have to assess the availability and expertise of your hired staff at first and evaluate if they are to grow the business within the turnaround time. If not, your business does need staff augmentation.

What service do you provide in staff augmentation?

We offer the most cost-effective service through which you gain experienced tech-experts. We specialise in staffing service, shared service, and hybrid service.

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