Reasons To Outsource Digital Marketing And Web Development Post Covid
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20 Reasons To Outsource Digital Marketing And Web Development Post Covid

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20 Reasons To Outsource Digital Marketing And Web Development Post Covid

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, there’s always more to be done than the time to do it. But when it comes to building, growing, and promoting your enterprise, the key to success could be outsourcing. Outsourcing is not a recent term, but has gained tons of popularity during the COVID 19 scenario and has continued to grow post covid. Here are some eye-catching stats about outsourcing.

  • Around 300,000 jobs are outsourced by the US annually.
  • The outsourcing industry’s total value is estimated to hit $405.6 billion by 2027.
  • 78% of businesses all over the world feel positive about their outsourcing partners.
  • India, with a rating of 7.07, is one of the top countries for ou
  • Based on a study that evaluated cost, availability, people skills, and business environment scores, India is one of the top outsourcing countries in the world with a rating of 7.07.

20 Reasons to Outsource Digital Marketing and Web Development Services

Developing alluring websites and promoting them to gain higher traffic is a continuous approach. It takes time and resources to ensure that the enterprise is effectively reaching the right audience at the right time. Covid has wide opened the opportunities to outsource digital marketing and web development services that enable enterprises to gain the most while remaining at the top. 

Here are some of the top reasons to outsource digital marketing and web development services post covid.

1. Cost Optimization

One of the top reasons (70%) for outsourcing is cost reduction. Hiring an in-house team of digital marketing experts can be difficult and prove to be extremely costly. Team with skills in all areas of marketing includes digital marketing manager, project manager, front-end developer, content writer, email marketing specialist, graphic designer,  PPC manager, SEO specialist, and social media manager. 

The average cost of hiring a front-end developer alone is $100,000/year. And if you want to hire a team of experts with top skill sets, then you’re looking to add an average annual cost of around $600,000 or more.

The cost of outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency could possibly range between $1,500 to $25,000 a month, which would save costs of around $300,000. Think of what your enterprise could do with that amount!

2. Time Saving

A study shows that the average cost of hiring an employee is around $4,000 and takes around 52 days to fill the position. And the time to train an employee could take between 1-2 weeks or even upto 3 months depending on the position. But outsourcing your projects to a reputed agency can save a lot of time and effort while you get quality-results branded under your name.

3. Higher Flexibility

Enterprises can enjoy higher flexibility while outsourcing digital marketing and web development services. Employees can finish off their tasks as per their spare time or flexible hours while enterprises can better plan on achieving their goals. Flexible working hours enable the outsourcing agencies to render their best services.

4. Dedicated Professionals

While outsourcing, dedicated professionals will deliver quality work on time, and you get the opportunity to reflect your brand image. There are possibilities that our outsourcing partner belongs to a country, where the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been wiped out. This will enable them to use their full employee strength to deliver quality results.

5. Skill Sets

When you outsource you immediately get access to a variety of skill sets. The cost of hiring individual skill sets can be much higher when compared to outsourcing it. In-house resources might have expertise at limited skills. Hence, you get access to more potential ideas and more heads’ that help you navigate difficult times.

6. Access to Top Worldwide Talents

Outsourcing gives you access to the world’s best developers, designers, project managers, and marketers who can drive success to your project. Some projects with complex features need skilled resources and outsourcing exactly fulfills all types of requirements.

7. On-time Projects

While outsourcing your project you ensure your tasks are completed within the pre-defined time frame. On time project delivery is necessary if you are looking for a repeated business from the same client. Good web development & digital marketing companies always work under strict guidelines to complete the projects.

8. Benefit of latest technology expertise

When you outsource projects, you get the benefits of the latest tools, techniques, and technologies that eventually get you a better website and more ROI. An outsourced team with a good frontend or backend developer has a large exposure to wider technologies and techniques including the latest frameworks or libraries. Similarly, marketers also have their expertise in the latest tools, algorithms, and strategies

9. Proper Resource Management & Control

Instead of making decisions in grey post covid, you can simply outsource your requirements. Proper resource management is one of the important factors that you need to consider for working smartly. If you outsource your web development and digital marketing services to a reputed agency, then you have the option to regroup your resources and employ them at more important tasks.

10. Focus on your Core Business

Outsourcing will let you focus on other core business processes that can help you gain better. This will allow you to concentrate on other important business tasks as your project will be handled by experienced professionals.

11. No In-house Hiring

Outsourcing will considerably save you from the hassle of recruiting, hiring, on boarding & work allocating processes for your in-house team. Moreover, quality work from an experienced company will add value to your brand.

12. Handle Risks Efficiently

Outsourcing gives you the option of continuous monitoring & tracking of work so you have more control over the project. Choosing a reliable partner will get you updated on every step. Also, hiring a remote team involves experienced project managers who have immense experience in handling various projects. This well handles the risk of your web development or marketing project going wrong anywhere.

13. Offers Massive Support

Outsourcing enables you to blend your innovative idea with tech partner’s experience & expertise. This enables you to enhance your online presence and get more conversions. Also, they offer great support even after the project is completed to help you upscale your growth.

14. Reduce Burn Rates

Hiring your in-house resources may sound tempting, but it comes with additional expenses like expensive hiring processes, onboard formalities, equipment lease, infrastructure costs, office space, more utilities, etc. Enterprises will have to take a toll on your burn rate. But outsourcing allows you to control your costs, as you pay only for team members you actually need for – projects.

15. Easy Scalability

Covid has affected various businesses and IT brings no surprise. Hiring a resource for a particular project may cost more in the future. Enterprises can easily scale up or down while outsourcing their work and save more.

16. Outside Perspective

Sometimes, internal resources have the tendency to wear blinders when it comes to making the best decisions for the enterprise. This simply means that your resources might be blind to the fact that some things aren’t working. Digital agencies offer unbiased and outside perspectives to help you rocket your success.

17. Result-driven

Internal resources might work on a task-based approach. But outsourcing partners work upon a result driven-approach and thus deliver the best. Also, if your team lacks some skills or isn’t trained properly then you could be possibly wasting your valuable time and money.

18. Learn from the Best

Digital marketing isn’t for everybody. It’s about using & combining different tools and strategies to gain success. When you outsource, individuals will become your partners in strategizing. They will work with your employees on a day-to-day basis. This will result in your employees learning crucial methods from them and help them build expertise.

19. Avoid Burnout

There is physical and emotional stress with some employees due to workload or hitting targets or any other reasons. It can be daunting and enterprises know that adding more staff is not an option. Outsourcing helps to enhance efficiency and boost morale during challenging times.

20. Mentality of An Entrepreneur Not An Employee

When you outsource your web development or digital marketing services, then your outsourcing partner who handles your task possesses the mentality of a solopreneur or an entrepreneur whose objective is to collaborate more with you in the future. It drives them to finish your project within or before the deadline.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing digital marketing and web development services can come with a lot of benefits and advantages for your enterprise starting with the most important one that is cost cutting which eventually leads to better money investment options and more profits. Be it skill sets or quick deliveries, outsourcing is the new buddy to give a high five. Covid 19 has actually sprinkled opportunities world-wide that ripens quality fruits. Webential offers robust outsourcing services to help enterprises succeed all around the globe. Connect with our experts to get the best advice for your enterprise needs.

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