Are You Ignoring These Issues With Your Digital Outsourcing Agency? Stop. Replace Them Now. -
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Are You Ignoring These Issues With Your Digital Outsourcing Agency? Stop. Replace Them Now.

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Are You Ignoring These Issues With Your Digital Outsourcing Agency? Stop. Replace Them Now.

Digital outsourcing is a common trend today. Everyone is doing it.
After all, it is cost-effective, easy, and more productive. You don’t have to expand your infrastructure. You don’t have to sit through rounds of interviews. You bear no overheads. You have no long-term commitments towards people who are doing the job for you.

At a glance, it seems like nothing could go wrong with such an arrangement. You just have to find one digital outsourcing agency. And with that, you’ll be sorted for the foreseeable future.

But reality doesn’t always live up to your expectations. Do you fail to see the results that everyone else seems to be getting? Chances are you are ignoring the tell-tale signs of bad outsourcing partners.

Is your old association with your digital agency stopping you from letting them go? Well, peace in professional relationships is no reason to settle for anything less than excellence.

You cannot let your team suffer. You cannot let your clients suffer. And you absolutely cannot let your finances and your market images take a hit. Check out the top five reasons why it is high time you bid your outsourcing partners adieu.

1. Communication Complications

No relationship can work without proper communication. If your agency isn’t good at clear, concise, and timely communication, they are simply not good enough for you. But they do pick our calls. We keep getting some or the other emails from them. That’s not enough.

Ask yourself the following questions. This will help you check if you have a communication disconnect with your outsourcing partner.

  • Do your partners not ask for your regular feedback?
  • Is your feedback disregarded often?
  • Are you not involved in the strategy-setting meetings related to your own project?
  • Do you know the entire process that your digital outsourcing agency follows? Are they 100% transparent with you?
  • How often do you get project reports? Not even when you ask for it? Only when you ask?

Several digital outsourcing agencies blame their lack of communication on the time difference. And sure, occasional delays can be swept under the carpet because of varying time zones. But it is in no way a valid reason for them to be prompt, clear, and proactive in communication.

2. Financial Frenzies

Companies spend over $75.2 billion each year on outsourcing activities.

Ask yourself: Are we achieving the required investment-output ratio? If not, you need to reconsider your outsourcing choices.

Picture these situations

  • You begin your 6-monthly contract with a digital outsourcing agency. The agency promised you certain figures for certain key metrics. But at the end of the six-month month period, the results are nowhere near the promised figures.
  • Your digital outsourcing agency reps constantly request budget increments. They cite inflation and limited talent availability as reasons for the same. And your expenses have way exceeded your budget.
  • The digital outsourcing agency promised a certain amount of returns on investment. But you are yet to see those returns, even when you honored your payment commitments.

Does any of these situations sound familiar to your own? If these even remotely feel case with your digital outsourcing agency, you need to cut the ties at the earliest. Cost-cutting is the top reason why companies consider outsourcing. So, if you are not financially gaining from the business relationship, the relationship is not worth maintaining.

3. Cultural Miss-Connections

When you outsource digital aspects of your business, you need an agency to be a cultural fit for your organization. Work culture clashes not just adversely affect productivity. They also lead to negativity in the workplace. Digital outsourcing agencies can have a culture vastly different from yours. And this can become the cause of your downfall. If you don’t end your association with such agencies, future problems could look like this:

  • Your clients could get dissatisfied with the way work is done. They might not adjust with your outsourcing partners’ way of working.
  • Your team could get demotivated due to frequent clashes with the agency.
  • Employee morale and dedication could drastically drop.

4. Personnel Problems

50% of companies that work with outsourcing agencies complain of quality issues.

The primary cause of these issues is the lack of proper personnel with the outsourcing partners. Try answering the following questions to identify personnel problems in outsourcing:

  • Do you feel the outsourcing agency lacks skilled employees for the tasks at hand?
  • Are there skill discrepancies between what was promised and the work you receive now?
  • Does your outsourcing partner have a high employee turnover? Does the management constantly keep changing?
  • Do your internal employees often themselves at loggerheads with the agency’s personnel?

If any of this is true for your situation with your digital outsourcing agency, they aren’t the right fit for you. People make the most important part of your team. An unhappy, unskilled, or uncoordinated team will never yield positive results.

5. Security Strains

68% of organizations that work with outsourcing agencies list data security as a prime concern

  • Are you constantly stressed about the safety of your company’s classified data?
  • Do you think your data or your client’s data is vulnerable to threats from the outsourcing agency’s side?
  • Have you ever suspected information leaks from your outsourcing partner’s end?

Data privacy and information security are essential aspects of any business today. Not comfortable sharing sensitive data with your digital outsourcing agency? Re-think the relationship.

Security strains don’t just cause internal stress. They can also lead to loss of reputation and resources if something were to go wrong.

5 Problems, 1 Solution: Hire Remote Staff

One of the top reasons decision-makers ignore all the red flags with their digital outsourcing agencies is the lack of alternatives. Outsourcing agencies all seem to be the same. And freelancers pose more additional concerns than the problems they solve.

However, the revolution in outsourcing and offshoring is here. Instead of outsourcing vital tasks for your company, you can now onboard offshore employees.

At Webential, we offer you a pre-vetted, skilled, and culturally diverse pool of talent for your digital needs. Does that mean you have to keep someone on your permanent payroll? Not at all. We let you hire offshore employees for one, two, three, six, or as many months as you want. Also, these employees work on their own bases. So you don’t have to arrange for physical infrastructure for them.

How can I be sure of their expertise or skills?

We specialize in vetting and recruitment. Our expert recruiters follow a series of steps ranging from written tests to interviews. Plus, with our offshore employees, you get the following advantages:

  • First, the employee(s) you hire will work for the entire duration of your contract with Webential. No ghosting.
  • If you are not happy with the employee(s) allocated to your team, you can request a change. Whether you require a different skill set or want someone who is a better cultural fit for your organization, you can always have your needs met.
  • Each digital service provider on-boarded by us goes through a communication efficiency test. This ensures that there will not be any communication complications.

So, don’t wait anymore. Say goodbye to inefficient digital outsourcing agencies. And say hello to outsourced employees from Webential. We’d be waiting to hear from you.

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