Top Shopify Development Trends to look out for 2022
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Top Shopify Development Trends for 2022

Rohit Avasthi
Rohit Avasthi
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Shopify development has become greatly popular as it enables you to build an amazing eCommerce store within minutes. It’s one of the most powerful platforms that can accommodate a variety of products. 

There are various Shopify agencies like Webential that render end-to-end Shopify development services including everything you need for the success of your online store.

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform to begin your online journey in 2022. Below mentioned are some of the major Shopify trends that will take over the world in 2022. Read the blog till the end to not miss any of these Shopify trends. These trends will help you grow your sales and revenue. You can also use them before your competitors to elevate your eCommerce strategy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Next Big Thing for eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proliferating at an enormous rate. You might have used AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana, or even Bixby. AI is used in a lot of industries but it is especially beneficial to eCommerce stores. Here’s how AI can be used to make eCommerce better:

Product Recommendations

One of the concerning issues of shopping online is not knowing what to buy. Amazon uses machine learning algorithms to recommend products to users based on their previous purchases. This enables customers to find new products/items they might otherwise forget to checkout.

Customized Marketing

AI aids in customized or personalized marketing. Enterprises can identify customer preferences through AI and render tailored content that appeals to their exact requirements.

Customer Support

AI can be directly used to answer all customer questions/queries. When any customer asks a question, it directly answers them.

Rapid Growth Of Mobile Commerce

eCommerce counts for $3.56 trillion Global Industry. Mobile commerce sales are predicted to jump up to $432.2 billion by 2022. Also, with special offers for mobile users, Target’s Q1 sales grew by 23% to $24.2 billion. As mobiles are becoming more affordable, people accessing the internet will only grow.

Hence, if you want your business to grow, you need a stunning Shopify website that is easily accessible on desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Shopify development is designed for mobile users. And hence, Shopify stores can be easily accessed on any device in a hassle-free way.

Chatbots Are Here To Stay

2022 is all about Chatbots and they are here to stay. They pop up everywhere even at the most unexpected places. For instance, Facebook Messenger released a chatbot called M. This can be used to schedule events, play games, send birthday wishes, or even order a pizza.

Chatbots are expected to save $8 million globally in 2022. Various enterprises are building bots to do almost everything – be it ordering food to booking appointments. Bots help enterprises save money while enhancing their customer service.

Augmented Reality Becoming More Popular

Another trend that’s quickly gaining popularity amongst the Shopify Store Owners is Augmented Reality (AR). AR enables users to view digital products in real-world environments. It is very similar to virtual reality (VR), but it doesn’t need any special equipment. It simply depends on the user’s phone camera.

Shopify development can be used to craft interactive customer experiences. For instance, you can overlay product information upon the pictures taken at your store. Or you can simply go for 3D product models.

Virtual Reality Will Rise

VR (Virtual Reality) that is used in Shopify eCommerce stores/websites are continuing to proliferate. VR headsets enable customers to experience an immersive environment from their home/office.

Shopify owners can simply use this technology to help their customers try out different products before actually buying them.

Voice Search To Elevate Shopify eCommerce Experience

Voice search is increasingly becoming popular. Instead of typing words on the keyboard, users can easily speak and search whatever they desire. Today, owners have started integrating voice search into eCommerce websites.

For instance, Alexa can help you search the prices of products or even place an order.

Customer Reviews Will Grow More Importance

In 2022, customer reviews will enormously impact sales. But they aren’t just vital for physical products. In fact, they are also important for online purchases.

Today, customers largely depend on reviews before making any purchase decisions. When someone posts a bad review, Shopify owners remove that product from their website. Along with that, They also reflect the average rating next to every product. These reviews will quickly help the customers make buying decisions.


All these above-mentioned technologies and trends will grow continuously in the upcoming years and they are here to stay. Each one of them offers exceptional benefits while motivating you to adapt them at the right time. If you are wondering where to begin or if you are in the search of the best Shopify developers, you have landed on the right blog. Webential offers best-in-class Shopify development services to help enterprises grow.

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Rohit Avasthi

Rohit Avasthi

Rohit is a qualified and dedicated Project Manager who has in-depth expertise in building astounding web apps and platforms as well as leading projects that have meaningful impact tot the company and clients

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