Tips For Creating the Perfect Landing Page for Your Business
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Tips For Creating the Perfect Landing Page

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Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential part of the lead generation process. The first step in building a relationship between your company and your prospects is by converting your website visitors into leads. You can simply drive tons of traffic towards the desired action with a robust landing page. 

The primary purpose of your landing page is to reflect your brand in front of your target audience while promoting your business’s unique selling points (USPs). It’s time to create a perfect landing page that attracts more visitors and encourages them to convert. But before that let’s understand what a landing page is.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is generally created for particular marketing campaigns in order to address the needs of your page visitors who have specific goals in their minds. It is a page where online users directly land after clicking on a link to unpaid search ads on search engines, emails, social media, etc. A great landing page is focused on a single goal and a particular stream of traffic, thus getting qualified leads.

7 Simple Tips To Create A Perfect Landing Page

1. Compelling Headlines

The first thing that your visitors will notice after arriving on your landing page is – the headline. You need to craft an outstanding headline and engaging supportive headlines to immediately attract the attention of your target audience.

Your main headline must be:

  • Interesting, on-point, and comprehensive
  • Short – anywhere between 10-20 words
  • Succinct and Digestible 

On the other hand, your supporting headlines must be:

  • Persuasive
  • Related to the main headline
  • More detailed information of the main headline

2. Great Visual Hierarchy

You need to guide your site visitors with a great visual hierarchy on your landing page. You must keep in mind that some online users have the habit of reading the page from top to bottom while others read from left to right. If you want your readers to read your content, you must:

  • Simply understand the reading patterns of your prospect
  • Carefully choose your typeface weight and pairing
  • Use compelling and attractive images
  • Add big headlines
  • Smartly divide the content with eye-catching subheadings
  • Accentuate important information by using colors

3. USP

Highlighting your brand’s competitive advantage is important in order to create a perfect landing page. Be it improved prices, great features, or a new business location, it’s vital that your landing page highlight the value proposition of your brand.

Your USP must:

  • Appeal to the personal interests of your target audience
  • Render a unique solution to the concerns and needs of your customers
  • Encourage the visitors to take action on your page

4. Eye-Pleasing Texts & Images

Intrigue your target audience by creating unique content and utilizing attractive visuals. Your landing pages should be concise and clear. Optimize your landing pages with keyword-rich content and add bullet points to make the information more digestible. 

Also, images are a vital element of your landing page. Some research shows that the human brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster as compared to texts. This simply means that your landing page visitors will see images as the first thing.

Optimize your landing page images by:

  • Utilizing images that reflect your brand and highlight your key offerings
  • Build an emotional connection with your target audience through compelling images/photos.

5. Social Proof

It’s always a better idea to include testimonials and positive customer reviews on your landing pages. This is necessary as social proof must be highly relevant to your buyer persona.

For instance, your landing page reflects services provided by the digital marketing agency. Thus you must include similar services testimonials on your landing page. This practice enables you to create your vote of confidence from your prospects as well.

On the other hand, if you provide PPC management or custom development services, your landing page must include testimonials/positive feedback regarding these services that you are talking about.

6. Form Fields

The ultimate goal of placing forms on your landing page is to get leads or directly convert the visitors into customers. Hence, placing the forms on your landing page is very important and it must be placed in the right position.

You need to smartly place forms on your page to get qualified leads. Another thing to remember is to keep it straight to the point and simple. If your form is complex, or your audience finds it difficult to fill, they will just leave it. On the other hand, if it’s too lengthy, you visitors will easily ignore it and won’t fill it. You just need to ask for useful and relevant information needed for your business. Doing this will increase the possibility of your prospects successfully filling out the forms.

7. Powerful CTAs

It’s time to be smart and get clicks that directly close the deals for your business. Follow these best practices to craft robust CTAs that can drive higher CTR as well as conversions:

  • Craft a sense of urgency
  • Create impactful, appealing, and compelling CTAs
  • Use eye-pleasing color combinations that make your CTAs unique
  • Choose legible font sizes
  • Utilize actionable CTAs
  • It’s better to limit your CTA to 3-5 words
  • Play fancy with button graphics
  • Make sure that you provide ample space around your CTAs

Generate More Leads & Sales With A Perfect Landing Page

It’s the right time to craft exceptional landing pages that evoke the right emotion and encourage your target audience to take action and convert. Your landing pages must:

  • Reflect on the details of your marketing campaigns
  • Render instructions on redeeming promos
  • Show restrictions that your target customers should be aware of
  • Include an eye-catching yet clear CTA

If you want to build perfect landing pages for your business and don’t know where to begin, Webential has got your back. We are a digital marketing agency that has an entire team of highly qualified web design and development professionals that can help you create top-class landing pages as per your requirements and preferences. Be it PPC management or digital marketing, our specialists craft unique solutions to help you meet your online goals.

We deeply understand your business requirements, customer behaviors, as well as, marketing goals to craft an efficient landing page that converts. Talk to experts today and get started.

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