7 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs to Consider White Label Marketing
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7 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs to Consider White Label Marketing

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White Label Marketing

White label marketing is a broad topic that covers a lot of sub-topics, categories, as well as, niches within it. Anyone who claims that they know everything related to digital marketing is definitely lying. This is the reason why a lot of digital marketing service providers struggle to render end-to-end digital marketing services. 

The one who claims to render all digital marketing services may not deliver them. It might be due to a lack of capabilities or resources that you might have faced initial setbacks. But it’s not the case anymore. You can expand your service offerings while delivering the highest quality services and even earning profits with white label digital marketing. Read on this entire blog to gain deep insights into why your agency needs to consider white label marketing. 

What Is White Label Marketing?

When one agency(A) hires another agency(B) to fulfill their clients’ digital marketing requirements due to lack of resources or lack of necessary skills is called white label digital marketing. Here, the hired agency(B) that renders actual service stays invisible and doesn’t get the credit for the work. Every service offered by the hired agency(B) is labeled under the brand of the hiring agency(A).

Reasons to Choose White Label Marketing Services

1. Upscale Your Service Portfolio

One of the best benefits of white label digital marketing is to expand your service offerings. You simply don’t need to specialize in each and every service you offer. But you can render a huge spectrum of services by outsourcing them to a white-label service provider.

What’s even more? Get all the services branded under your name and take full credit while a white label service provider works behind the curtain for you.

This strategy can not only reduce your burden but also pitch a lot of services to your clients without the need of hiring or training an in-house team of experts.

2. Cost Optimization

White Label Digital Marketing Services can simply help you reduce costs as you don’t have to hire an in-house team of professionals on a full-time basis.

You can simply avoid the following expenses when going for white label services.

  • Salaries and benefits of your full-time employees
  • Hiring an in-house team of experts and training them
  • Overhead costs

It may not seem much, but when you take a deeper look they may save you a lot of amounts. For instance, you offer content marketing as one of your services. Let’s compare the cost of an in-house content marketing team with a white-label content marketing service provider.

For an in-house content marketing team, you need a content writer/editor as well as a content manager/strategist. As per Glassdoor, the annual average salaries of a content writer and content manager are $54k and $77k respectively. Hence, the minimum total cost of an in-house team is around $131k annually. This amount is much more as compared to a white-label content service provider.

3. Accelerate Additional Revenue Sources

When you offer any additional services to your clients, you can also get an incremental revenue stream for your enterprise. When you have got a white-label service provider, there is no limit to your service offerings.

The ultimate goal is to gain more and more income. And this can be done by reselling these services at a markup. Thus, you can easily maintain healthy profit margins.

4. Get Maximum Client Retention

When a white-label service provider takes the responsibility for delivering the service, you can focus more on your core competencies and invest your time and efforts in maintaining great client relationships.

You can even act as a one-stop digital marketing solution provider for your clients and help them meet their unique marketing requirements. Every time your client comes with a request, you never have to nod no due to a lack of in-house capabilities. When you offer end-to-end digital marketing services effectively, you offer great brand loyalty to your clients.

5. Enhance Your Service Quality

When you choose white label digital marketing services, you get access to top professionals running your client’s campaigns while following industry best practices. An enterprise cannot be the best at everything. If you want to render top-notch services, you need to hire experts to cater to each of your client’s unique requirements. 

For instance, let’s assume that you render great social media marketing services, but you also want to offer SEO services to your clients. Instead of training your employees to learn SEO or hiring SEO experts every time you need them, simply hire white-label SEO services. When you hire white label SEO services, you have access to a team of SEO professionals who can deliver high-quality white label SEO services within no time. 

As the client doesn’t know about your white label partner, they will naturally assume that you are delivering high-quality services. 

6. Escalate Your Brand Value

When you choose white label digital marketing services, you make sure that you deliver on-time and high-quality services to your clients. This adds to building a great reputation in the industry.

When you offer a wide spectrum of services, you position yourself as a go-to agency for end-to-end digital marketing requirements.

7. Attract More Clients

All the above-mentioned aspects will ultimately help you attract more and more clients. The more services you offer, the more clients you can pitch your services to. When you have a reputation for delivering high-quality services, it will be much easier to attract clients.

Also, when someone takes complete responsibility for delivering services, you will be left with more time to prepare your pitches. You can simply invest more effort and time in bringing new clients instead of worrying about day-to-day tasks


White Label Digital Marketing renders tons of benefits, especially for small enterprises that want to grow. It can be just a little push to grow your agency. Be it attracting new clients, cost optimization, or even offering a wide range of services, white label digital marketing services are a win-win for your enterprise. Still skeptical about choosing a white label digital marketing partner? Contact Us and one of our experts will be glad to guide you in the entire journey.

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